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JOURNAL ARTICLE: From Other Education

Leading Learning from Self: An IFS Inspired Approach to Nurture Capacity from the Inside Out

By Jody Nelson and  Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT

POSTER: Pathways Back to Center

Tips for working with parts "on the fly"

Post this list of simple reminders for yourself.  Follow these steps that you can take in the midst of your day to be aware of the parts of you leading your life, to step back and get back to your center.

POEM: Be In Our Power:

A poem to inspire us to befriend, inside and out.

TIPS: Check In-Listen-Connect Learn:
Questions to Guide Discussion

These questions provide inspiration and prompts to have meaningful conversations, to check in with others, to connect and heal amidst this global pandemic.

PROGRAM EVALUATION: IFS in Schools, 2020 - 2021, Dr. Jayne Smith

In the 2020 - 2021 school year, the Self-Leadership Collaborative implementated the P.A.U.S.E. model for whole school well-being in two Connecticut Communities. Dr. Jayne Smith of Mental Health Connect conducted program evaluation which demonstrated statistically significant results.  Read more here!

TIPS: What Do Young People Need Right Now?

This list helps remind us of the simple ways we can connect, understand and uplift our children moment to moment in each interaction.


Sustaining Hope and Self-Empowerment in Our Schools (January 2022).

This series of three forums offered Winter 2022, feature the voices of IFS practitioners and master teachers from around the world sharing the unique and profound impact of bringing the practice and paradigm of Self Leadership and IFS to schools for educators, students and whole school well being. All three are posted and available to you below.

Foundation Forum # 1
Nurturing Educators to Expand Whole School Well-Being
In this panel, you will consider the impact of an IFS-inspired approach to whole-school well-being that starts with the educator. Hear from three teachers, a former superintendent, the program evaluator and the IFS-trained program director. As you appreciate their unique experiences and breakthroughs, you will also be invited to sample numerous exercises including the P.A.U.S.E model, a simple process to respond effectively and collaboratively to school stressors.

Foundation Forum #2

Integrating Multiple Modalities to Cultivate Self-Leadership

Serving on the panel are a restorative justice expert, an award-winning adult school teacher, a global thought leader and author, and a mental health professional.

There are many different ways to embed and apply IFS principles. The goal is to be the "I" in the storm.  This panel will introduce you to four different pathways/examples for "Bringing Self to the System" in an educational setting... and invite you to engage in interactive explorations.

Foundation Forum #3

Adopting Clinically Informed Approaches to Enhance Educational Outcomes

Serving on the panel are four psychologists who have designed and conducted programs in schools and early childhood settings. This panel discussion will explore various ways in which principles of IFS have been introduced to, and used by, schools to help improve teachers, students and parents’ well-being and, ultimately, student success. As a participant, you will be able to experience IFS for yourself, ask questions, and find out more about the importance and benefits of expanding the IFS model in schools and other educational environments.

VIDEOS from: Connecting to Self while Nurturing Others 
Recorded Webinar Series, Spring, 2020

Offered in partnership with the Foundation for Self-Leadership as a part of:

Innervention: Finding the Strength to Overcome

​These webinars recordings are offered for educators, parents and caregivers to support your well-being and the well being of our young people during the global pandemic. Below you will find links to these recorded events in their entirety, as well as select nuggets, meditations and handouts from each event.  May this nourish your journey and enrich your connection with others!

Who is Caring for You?

Explore how listening to our own needs can help us sense the needs of others, and connect, even at a distance.

A Conversation with:

Tim Amaral, MS

Full Program


Guided Reflection

Accessing our Essential Self, Enacting our Core Values

The Experiential Power of Values-based Education 


Neil Hawkes, PhD, &
Jane Hawkes, MSc, BSc, CTA, UKCP

The Inner Lives of Teachers
Teaching from a Centered Space
Jody Nelson, EdD

Full Program

Nurturing Effective Learning Spaces

A Conversation with:

Seth Kopald, PhD

Full Program


Seth's Home Learning Series:

Episode 1  Introduction to Home Learning

Episode 2 Meditation

Episode 3 Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Episode 4 Concentration is Gold

Episode 5 Exploring Our Parts

Episode 6 Exploring Our Children's Parts

Episode 7 Self is the Best Learner

Episode 8 Helping Children with Their Parts

Episode 9 Meditation and Discussion

Episode 10 Managing vs. Leading

Episode 11 Setting Limits with Children

Episode 12 How to Do a Repair

​Anna Tansi, MS

A Discussion on Racial Healing in our Schools
Kena Acuna, MPHE, ACC
Nichole Thompson, Ed.S
Jon Rice LCSW-R

A Discussion on Racial Healing in Our Schools

Meditation on the Path