Self-Leadership Collaborative, LLC
Self-Leadership Collaborative, LLC

Cultivating communities of learning and service that realize 

Self-Leadership as the foundation for

collective well-being and collaborative action.

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Cultivating learning communities in which everyone, adults and students, are empowered to experience Self-confidence, connect with compassion, and collaborate to bring forth the best in humanity.

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"This is THE model I've been looking for my whole career- finally something that ties it all together, it includes everything (mindfulness, trauma etc.)."
- Professional Development Coordinator

(About teaching during the global pandemic)  "This is so valuable to me. How could I have gotten through this without the teachings of Self-Leadership? I have a strategy. I pause. It helps me reset. When things come up I say, "It's Ok. I just need to approach this with curiosity. I can do this. Thank you!"

 - Elementary Administrator, April 2020

IMAGINE School Communities that Embody Self-Leadership:

  • Students are motivated and ready for effective learning because they are capable of self-regulation, self-compassion, and collaborative connections with peers, teachers and staff. 

  • Adults (administrators, teachers, support staff) are aware of their own reactive responses and capable of self-modulation while skillfully engaging students and coaching them through life challenges.

  • Families feel welcomed and inspired when interacting with the school.  They learn skills to bring Self-Leadership into family dynamics.

  • School Culture and Climate - Administrators, teachers and students together co-create a culture where everyone feels safe, appreciated, and inspired to realize their potential and contribute their best for the good of all.

Self-Leadership has been transformative in my pursuit of growth in education. It has shown me a direction that will be a lifelong journey of finding space in myself to truly be present for my students, colleagues and community. It unlocks the spirit of human connection and should be where conversations about education begin.

  • Dean of Students, Middle School

OUTCOMES: When applied systematically the Self-Leadership Collaborative infuses the whole school culture and climate and promises to profoundly inform adult and student capacity to:

• Increase self-awareness

• Self-regulate and express emotions effectively

• Build compassionate and collaborative relationships

• Embrace challenges with courage and confidence

• Contribute constructively to the school and larger community

• Engage deeply in teaching and learning

Current Challenge:
What Educators are Reporting

We hear reports everyday that the pervasive culture and climate in many schools is characterized by tension, anxiety, criticism and extreme behaviors.  Many students struggle with being distracted and emotionally dis-regulated, which in turn means they are unavailable for deep learning.  

Teachers share feelings of being disconnected from their visions to prepare successful students. Instead they are themselves often triggered, overwhelmed, even hopeless. Although there are many new initiatives, teachers still feel their toolboxes don’t adequately prepare them to meet the ever growing need.   

 Fear, overwhelm and rigidity is constricting access to curiosity, creativity and connection, the most essential ingredients for learning. Educators are looking for a paradigm shift.

A Unique Solution:
Self-Leadership Offers a Paradigm Shift

The Self-Leadership Collaborative provides a vision and practical framework to shift how all community members engage with greater compassion and effectiveness in daily interactions and activities.  This is realized through shifts in informal everyday relationships as well as through formal learning activities for adults and students. This model is:

  • Transformative - inspired by Internal Family Systems, a cutting edge model for realizing optimal well-being and true potential, while facilitating healing for the roots of trauma.

  • Comprehensive - Informed by neuroscience, trauma research, behavior and culture change methodology, attachment theory, the CASEL model for social and emotional learning, and mindfulness practices. 

  • Systemic – Addresses needs of students and adults at all levels of the school system, from proactive, preventative classroom SEL curriculum, to specialized behavior interventions, to school wide-culture and climate plans, policy and procedures.

  • Sustainable – Self-Leadership principles and concepts become a way of being  that can be creatively adapted and applied within the school, providing tools and practices in relevant ways over time, and avoiding initiative fatigue.

  •  Integrative – We partner with clients to customize the training and implementation of the Self-Leadership  Collaborative approach  to ensure effective integration with existing curricula and intervention strategies.

  • Culturally Responsive - This model builds  awareness of  bias’ and capacity for respectful, restorative relationships.